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Mpact shines in Gold Pack 2017 awards

27 November 2017

Gold pack article [Image]With seven nominations in various categories, five Gold Pack awards and the IPSA Gold Pack trophy for the BEST PRODUCT OVERALL, Mpact has once again proven itself as an industry stalwart.  

With the IPSA Gold Pack Awards being a prestigious event that showcases the best in the industry since 1973, Mpact’s Plastics division has once again proven that it is indeed worth its weight in gold!

On the eventful evening of 22 November, Mpact Plastics Atlantis and Shaft Technical Mouldings’ Eco Spice grinder was presented with a gold award in the food category.  This product also earned “best rigid plastics product” status and was awarded the Substrate Excellence award.  Crowning these two awards, the Eco Spice Grinder was judged as the BEST PRODUCT OVERALL and received the IPSA Gold Pack trophy!

Gold pack article [Image]This joint initiative between converter, Mpact Plastics, and Shaft Technical Mouldings, has proven that sound collaboration brings the best of all business aspects together, keeping the customer and brand at the forefront.  Cape Foods being the early adopter of this innovative and eco-friendly spice grinder will reap the benefits of such a successful initiative.

Gold pack article [Image]Both teams explain that the innovative and eco-friendly design principles that were applied to the development of this packaging product has brought about this award.  The Mpact Plastics team explains that “this innovation has reduced a three-component grinder to a two-component grinder by developing a mould where the grinder teeth is now fixed inside the neck of the bottle.  This drives costs down significantly as assembly is not required and material usage is kept to a minimum.  The PET ISBM manufacturing process is also a single stage process, further contributing to efficiencies during production and the cost to the brand owner, Cape Foods. ”   

Whilst providing the consumer with a product that is convenient and safer to use as breakage is eliminated, the longevity of the product has also been tested extensively.  Two full bottles of spices can be ground without the grinder showing signs of a loss of functionality or any wear.  The grinding of the spice inside this container is made possible by using the properties of PET to match that of the current market alternatives.PET’s tensile strength and rigidity ensures equal functionality. The recycling benefits of PET also put both Cape Foods and the general consumer in a position to participate in environmental sustainability by recycling the pack after consumption.

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