Vision and values


At Mpact, our vision is to be a leading business with the highest ethical standards, delivering exceptional value for our customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

As one of southern Africa's leading paper and plastic packaging producers, we are committed to:

  • Meeting and exceeding customers' requirements for product and service quality, innovation as well as cost competitiveness.
  • Providing a safe and secure working environment in which employees can fulfill their ambitions and aspire to continually improve their circumstances.
  • Acting as a responsible employer and citizen in the communities where we operate, and managing natural resources with care, sensitivity and expertise.
  • Achieving sustainable, profitable growth through a focus on business excellence and strategic expansion in chosen markets.


At Mpact we are differentiated by our people who are:


  • setting and achieving challenging targets
  • continuously identifying innovative ways to do things
  • accountable, especially in the face of adversity


  • honouring commitments
  • transparent


  • taking care of their safety, health and personal development as well as that of their colleagues
  • striving to meet or exceed our customer's requirements (internal and external) for product quality, excellent service and cost competitiveness
  • treating our natural resources with care and sensitivity
  • doing what it takes to deliver good sustainable returns to our shareholders